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are probably the most recognizable casino games to everyone. But the fishing table game is on the rise. Combining the fun of playing a shooting video game with the chance to earn rewards, fishing games are said to be a casino game where luck meets skill. Filipino players like fishing games. By killing a big fish, players are able to earn big rewards. This has made these games more notorious compared to other casino games.


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How to play Fishing game?

Fish table games are a unique gaming option available at online casinos. They integrate both shooting video games with the excitement of betting.

The core idea behind fish shooting games is relatively simple. A group of players sit at the edge of the gameboard and shoot fish with cannons for rewards.

The fish float in and out of the screen, and everyone fights for the same pool of fish.

Fish game gambling also gives the player more control and rewards awesome skills with huge prizes. A key decision for players is to decide which fish to shoot. This is because each fish differs in terms of rewards, size, and difficulty to kill—a small fish for fewer rewards is much easier to kill than a large fish for larger rewards.

Because the targets are continuously shifting, you must use skill to strike a balance between spending money on bullets and the targets you hit. Some will undoubtedly provide a considerably greater bounty.

The ammo to shoot the fish is the coins you invested in. The player who shoots the very last bullet to kill the fish gets all the rewards.

Normal games will take 1 shot per bullet. However, some fish games let you alter your bullet rate, which means you can increase the rate to 1:5, 1:20, or 1:50. The power of the bullets should be strong enough to kill a larger fish.

Fish table games are a unique gaming option available at online casinos

Fishing Game Online

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Quick Tips to Win the Fishing Games

Fish table gambling games still rely on a certain amount of luck, but there are tactics you can use to increase your chances. While playing fish table games online, there are various strategies you may attempt to improve your results. Here are some tips.

  • Tips 1: Take note on the points of each type of Fish

Each fish shooting game has its own method of calculating points. It is advised not to take the fish with more points, the less points fish have, the easy coins you earn.

  • Tips 2: Aim for Slow Moving Fish

Small fish usually move slower than average fish. Slow-moving fish will make it easier for you to shoot, fast-moving fish or missed targets that make you shoot over and over again, wasting a lot of bullets. 

However, this rule does not apply to huge bonus fish, because for such bosses you will need to take a lot of bullets at once to defeat them. You will get a nice reward once they are killed.

  • Tips 3: Do Not Shoot the Hiding Fish

In the online fish table, you will see fish hiding under moss or rocks. Those fish were very difficult to catch and had a very low hit rate. The stubborn firing for the period only makes you spend bullets, but if you can shoot, it is unlikely to have got back capital.

  • Tips 4: Shoot with Marbles

By using this technique, more bullets will be shot simultaneously at a fish. When the player shoots at the wall, the bullet will bounce back toward the fish. It will increase the time it takes to reach the fish, but players can then fire further rounds straight. In that way, more bullets will shoot toward the fish at once, which will increase the death rate. This method uses more shots than any other method and is quite effective when used in group combat.

  • Tips 5: Shot Big Fish if only if You Have Large Money

This tactic is only for those who have a large reserve of money. When you have a large sum of money, you should not waste time shooting small fish like they were at first, but instead aim for big fish like mermaids, sharks, etc. If you only have a small amount of money, then try to focus on small fish to accumulate your capital first.

  • Tips 6: Shoot the alone fish

To avoid wasting large bullets, use small and medium bullets. In addition, if you shoot 3 to 5 bullets but the small fish are not dead, then you should stop shooting these fish to avoid an unnecessary waste of coins. 

fishing on line

Where Can I Play Real Money Fishing Games?

Filipino players can play the real money fishing games on Panalobet.

Panalobet has fishing games from different famous game providers, such as

  • JDB

  • Fa Chai Gaming

  •  PG Soft

Each game has its own unique paytable and playing style, so players should carefully read the instructions and use the above tips to win.