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We Have The Coolest JDB Fishing In Asia

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The jdb fishing game is popular in Asia, especially in the Philippines. Here, we have the coolest JDB Fishing Games developed and launched in Asia at various online casinos. Fishing games are probably the top 3 most played online casino games, out of slots and casino table games. A fishing game is said to be a luck and skill combined game, where it is a favor for the experienced player. That makes some players believe that skill can beat other opponents and win money from an online casino.

JDB Gaming began developing and releasing its first JDB fishing games in 2018. They then launched their first fishing game, CAI SHEN Fishing, to meet the increasing demand of Filipino players. Physical fishing games have existed for a long time when all the players gather on the fishing tables, and each of them sits in the corner, catching the big fish. JDB Gaming knew it well and had already deployed its resources to come up with the JDB Fishing Game Collection.

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JDB Fishing Game Collection

According to the JDB Gaming website, it has 5 JDB Fishing Games available, and the last launched fishing game is Fishing Disco, in the year 2020. But from the game platform we tested, we noticed that JDB Gaming has released Dragon Fishing and Dragon Fishing 2. Since then, JDB has stopped releasing new JDB Fishing games, and maybe the team is developing an interesting fishing game. Who knows?

The 7 fishing games of JDB Gaming are CAI SHEN Fishing,

  • 5 Dragons Fishing

  • Fishing YILUFA

  • Dragon Master

  • Fishing Disco

  • Dragon Fishing

  • Dragon Fishing 2

Indeed, there are only 3 games where the creatures are fish.

The other four are dragons. But we still call it “fishing games.”

JDB Fishing Offers Many Ways To Play

Even though JDB Gaming just provides five fishing games, JDB Fishing offers many ways to play. There is a slight difference between those games in the way of playing. We will discuss all its fishing game features here one by one.


Enjoy the fascination of catching fish with the Wealth God and traveling through the tropical ocean to reverse your luck! Players have the opportunity to win 200x multiple lucky prizes. The largest prize a player can win from CAI SHEN Fishing is 1000x by winning either red envelopes or CAI SHEN FA FA FA. While the main character, CAI SHEN is coming, the player gets a chance to win 100~300x.


JDB‘s 5 Dragons Fishing has the Eastern Spirit Beasts of divine fortune entering the waters of the Four Seas. Players get the chance to win a 1,800x maximum reward for participating in the Treasure War of the Five Dragons.


Fishing YILUFA was released in the year 2020. The Fortune YILUFA will bring the players a maximum of 1000X rewards. The Dancing Lion brings you 100-300X rewards. Fortune arrives with an upgrade to your luck totally.


Dragon Master is a new 3D fishing game developed by JDB Gaming. It is designed with the dinosaur as the game’s main character. This fishing game can win up to 3600x rewards, which is very appealing to fishing game lovers. The player has to keep paying attention to HEAVENLY BLESSING because HEAVENLY BLESSING can bring good luck. The chosen one who catches it can win up to 3600X packets. If you can’t get it, then grabbing the Supreme Wyvern is a better choice to trigger consecutive 1500X Combos.


Fishing Disco is a disco-themed fishing game where players can catch the shiny disco ball and get a chance to receive the Dragon Disco up to 1000X rewards. The rock and roll fish king, on the other hand, can bring players up to 300x rewards.

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JDB Fishing Game Feature

There is some commonality among all the JDB Fishing Games that players should know. When the players are playing the fishing games, they are actually waiting for the big boss to come. It appeared randomly in the game, and when it came, surely it would be the primary target of all the players. Everyone hopes to catch it and earn the maximum reward.

How Players Compete Online

JDB Fishing games are available in many online casinos in the Philippines, and players can compete online. Just sign up on the legal and trusted online casino website and players are free to compete online in the JDB Fishing world.